Looking for a unique location in Los Angeles to host your special ceremony or private event?

Our vintage mansion is a throwback to the Golden era of Hollywood.


The Rochester Estates belonged to Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (Gone With The Wind, Cabin in The Sky) and was designed by the award-winning architect, Paul Williams. Our walls are rich with history and classic design elements, which are great for creating timeless moments.


We have everything you need to make your event a success including…


– A Bar
– A Pool
– Guest House
– Access to Entertainment
– Access to Photographers
– Access to Delicious Catering
– And more…



Select your event below for more details.


Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, which will surely go down in history. So why not say your vowels in a historic location? Our mansion offers the perfect backdrop to your love story. If you’re seeking a unique wedding venue in Los Angeles, our vintage Hollywood mansion can really help you capture the spirit of the day.

Girls Night Out

Have a bachelorette party or another special event that is for ladies only? Then look no further. We can help you plan a fantastic Girls Night Out, complete with boudoir photography, champagne and dessert. Relax by the pool during the day, and sleep in one of our luxury private rooms in the night. We promise you, this is one ladies night you will not forget. And don’t worry, what happens at the mansion, stays at the mansion.

Corporate events

Why meet in a stuffy board room when you can plan your next business strategy in a vintage Hollywood mansion? We can customize each room to suit the specific needs of your company. No matter if you want to plan a fun casino night, or you simply want to treat your employees to an elegant lunch, The Anderson Estates has got you covered!

Birthday Parties

Forget the club life. The Rochester Mansion is the perfect Los Angeles venue to host your next birthday party. Our luxury mansion is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated birthday experience full of magic and charm. Looking for creative birthday ideas in L.A.? How about hosting a murder mystery party at the Rochester Mansion? Or what about crafting an intimate gathering of close friends and family with a private chef? No matter how you choose to celebrate, the Anderson Estates team is here for you from conception to execution.

Location Shooting

Want a unique location for your epic photography, TV, or film project? The Rochester Mansion is perfect for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators alike.  Featuring a number of rare antique settings including a pool, balcony, vintage bar, piano room, a solarium, customizable rooms, a guest house, cottage, swimming pool and more. No matter if your production crew is big or small, the Anderson Estates is committed to seeing your vision come to life!

Let’s make your occasion one to be remembered.

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