The History

Eddie ``Rochester`` Anderson

The Anderson Estates features several properties, including the famed “Rochester Mansion”, originally owned by the prominent Hollywood actor, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, the first African- American to have a regular role on a nationwide radio program in the early 1930’s.

In 1937, he began his most famous role of Rochester van Jones, usually known simply as “Rochester”, the valet of Jack Benny, on his radio show The Jack Benny Program. When the series moved to television, Anderson continued in the role until the series ended in 1965.

Anderson went on to star in roles on television, movies (Gone With The Wind, Cabin in the Sky) and animated series. In 2001, Anderson was honorably inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. For his contributions to the radio industry, Eddie Anderson has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (6513 Hollywood Boulevard)

Eddie loved the artist community and thrived off creating fellowship. He enjoyed making people smile and being a source of inspiration to everyone he would meet. Our historic mansion is rich with not only history but a unique mix of individuals from all walks of life, including youth travelers, business execs, adventurous backpackers, creatives, college students and much more! We are happy to continue his legacy of filling is home with love and laughter shared by all those who enter.

Come be a part of Hollywood History and find out why we are one of the most unique locations in Los Angeles!